USAAF uniforms

The Royal Air Force used two types of uniforms, the 4 pocket service dress and the air crew suit which was later renamed battledress. All of these garments were in the typical blue-grey RAF color or in khaki for the warm desert air stations.

Officers had their clothing made by (well-known) tailors (Burberry, Burton, etc.) while the enlisted men wore standard issue clothes. Some aircrew stationed overseas in India or elsewhere used local talent for making their uniforms. Therefor not all officers uniforms are dated whilst most of the EM clothing bears the AM references + a date.

All RAF and British Commonwealth air crew had a silk or coton wing sewn to their uniform jacket. Pilots were given an entire wing while the other members had a half-wing. The only metal insigia were the early war air gunner badge, the pathfinder pocket badge and the LAC propeler.

Underneath are a few examples of uniforms ... 



Left: RCAF flight lieutenant Wireless Air Gunner (WAG) with correct collarless shirt.

Right: Close up of the WAG half wing and medals ribbon. Note the CANADA shoulder flash and the RCAF marked buttons.




Left: RAF flying officer with an Observer brevet.

Right: Close up of brass VRT (volunteer reserve training) collar pins, wing and medal ribbon with DFC.




RAF Group Captain 4 pocket service dress with service cap. Note the medal ribbon is missing from this tunic.




Left: RAF flying officer pilot tunic made by Burton. All RAF tunics had a belt with a brass belt buckle.

Right: Note the RAF buttons, pathfinder pocket badge and pilot brevet.


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